Use Votoot and reveal who your clients are

With Votoot You definitely know,
whom you serve

That's how information about your clients is structured — you can access their data anytime

Here is the structured information about your clients
Discount percentage
Spent amount and transaction history.
Moreover: minimal, maximal, average amount spent and visit dates

Collect statistics of your business

Detailed statistics allows you to reveal whether it's total paid sum, whether amount of transactions per day/monthAnalitic tools give you to define such information: who are your clients, visit frequency, type of payment and the sum of purchasesStart using VotootSign Up

No need to send
typical non-efficient SMS-messages

Send your promotions only to the right people

Target your promotionsSend your promotions only to people, who are interested in your offers.
Flexible mailing options contain such parameters: minimum/average/maximum sum spent, visit frequency, age and type of loyalty systemJoin us and enjoy all the benefits and features of our platformSign Up

Transparent work without extra charges

You pay only the commission of the transactions made with Votoot
Recieve a monthly Votoot bill with the full information and statistics regarding all transactions in Votoot. The comission fee is 0.95%Installation and first month of using Votoot system is freeSign UpStart now

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