Forget about discounts and payment cards.
Now your wallet and all discounts are Votoot

Platform permits you to leave plastic cards in the pastHowever it allows you to keep all your payment cards and discounts handy. In addition, you can always stay up to date of fresh news about favorite placesDownload the free app

Forget about discounts
and payment cards.

Now your wallet and all discounts are Votoot

Here is some reasons to start use new platform

For client

Reasons to start use for client

No need to transfer your discounts in smartphone, Votoot makes it instead of you
Sign up for loyalty program in one click
Get discount in any cafe, pharmacy or even on gas station in one touch
Get electronic bill directly on your phone and here you can pay in one click
Convenient way to look through your savings and transaction history
Use a pre-order to save your time

For business

Express registration – all you need is to write down your information and set up a network
No need to issue discount cards, loyalty system information is available immediately
Only owner of discount have an access to it
No need to use POS –terminals, Votoot replaces them
Receive payments on your accounts in one click
All information you want to distribute will reach the people, who is interested in.

Votoot will help you to understand who your client is

Personilize your services

Provide better quality service to your clients, personilizing your services.
Votoot will tell you who your client is and shows you the transaction history of this person at your place.

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you need to spend less than 7 min to sign up.
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